A1, A2: Vista Park Hill, a push-up ridge


A1: Push-up ridge in Hollister A2: Fault trace crossing street

Photo A1, on the left, shows the West side of Vista Park Hill. This hill is a ``push-up ridge'': the Calaveras fault splits into two strands here and a wedge of land caught between has been forced up, creating this rather steep-sided long thin hill.

There is a rather pleasant little park on top, with a nice view. From the top on a clear day you can see that other small ridges such as this one occur here and there along the fault trace. These represent other places where the fault has split into multiple strands, or there is a slight bend, etc: anything that disrupts the smooth translation of one side of the fault against the other.

The photo on the right, A2, shows a line of cracks crossing Locust street. This line of cracks is caused by creeping motion along the Calaveras fault; the line of cracks betrays the currently active trace of the fault. Note how the steep Western slope of Vista Park Hill, visible in the background, lines up with the fault. (The strand bounding the East side of the hill is currently inactive.)

A3, A4: 164 Locust Street


A3: Distorted House A4: Bent curb, 1966 and 1992

(1966 photo)
(1992 photo)

This house (shown in the photo on the left, A3) sits on top of the fault and is being distorted by the fault's motion. The photo on the right, A4, shows a better view of the bent curb North of the house. This photo was shot twice from (approximately) the same location, in 1966 and 1992. The 1966 shot (and the other two 1966 shots included in this tour) was taken by Dr. Eduard Berg of the University of Hawaii. Notice that the curb has bent considerably more in the intervening 25 years!

Also notice the asphalt patches in the street in the newer photo. Not surprisingly, the pipes in the street break and have to be repaired every few years or so.

Bent curb

If you are having trouble finding the bend in the curb I mean, here is an enlargement taken from the 1992 photo above to guide you. The bend in the curb caused by the fault is in the precise center of this photo.

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