SEP 25th anniversary photos, July 17-19 1998

How dark, light, etc, the photos come out partly depends on what viewer you are using to view them. You may be able to improve some photos by playing with the contrast settings. (Yes, Rick, jpegs would have been considerably smaller but they also have a lot less dynamic range. A lot of these were shot in very poor lighting conditions and really need all the dynamic range they can get!)

All photos were taken by Joe Dellinger, except the ones I am in (those were taken by Clement Kostov). They may be freely used for any noncommercial purpose. (You may need to secure the permission of the people appearing in the photos for some purposes, however.) The photos are listed here in strict chronological order.

Apologies if I got your name wrong...

Since these are ``photos of people'', before reproducing these you will need to secure the permission of the people pictured in the photo.

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