Puffs for Geophysical Image Estimation by Example

by Jon Claerbout

"Although formally about imaging, this book can be profitably read by anyone doing data analysis of almost any type." Carl Wunsch, prof. Physical Oceanography, MIT and Harvard
"Claerbout's books and lectures are to Geophysics what the Feynmann lectures are to physics --- personal, opinionated, and full of brilliant and thought-provoking insights. The dot-product test alone saved me countless hours debugging." Peter Shearer, UC San Diego
"I like how it takes apart all that comes into play (adjoints, iterating, smoothing, preconditioning, noise, etc.), and shows what it means in practical terms." Jeroen Tromp, Princeton Univ.
"Even in draft form this textbook is one of the most engaging I've ever seen. It has a delightful style." Claude Reichard, Director, Stanford Engineering Program on Communication
"Claerbout's books never grow old. 'Fundamentals of Geophysical Data Processing' (1976) is on my desk even now!" Joe Dellinger, *, Houston
"...a new approach to helioseismology, enhancing our view inside the Sun" Alexander Kosovichev, Big Bear Solar Observatory
"An essential component of any technical library." Fabio Rocca, Politecnico di Milano
"While the brain is probed cylindrically, theory calls for fast Fourier transforms. Here is a way to connect." Howard Zebker, EE Dept, Stanford University
"Bush tucker for the brain, thanks Jon!" Andrew Long, Kangaroo Flat, *, PGS, Australia.
"Seismograms require an eclectic selection of math techniques to give up their secrets. Here are the most useful ones, and more." John Vidale, Univ. Washington
"...for those who handle data for the fight against the uncertainty of nature and experiment at any level, radar, human-body, remote sensing, satellite, sonar,.." Umberto Spagnolini, Politecnico di Milano
"All of Jon's books are written to help you do things, not just to show you how smart the author is. Someone in our department keeps stealing my copy to code stuff up." John Etgen, *, Houston.

* fossil fuel industry