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Equipment used in producing these lectures

function product cost
computer iMac $1-2 thousand
video screen recorder software Screenflow, by Telestream $99
writing tablet (optional) Bamboo, by Wacom (various sizes) $50-$200
transparancy overlay Flysketch, by Flying Meat free
headset (microphone). Do not use bluetooth! USB H5400 (or similar), by Logitech $39
equations LaTeXiT donation
book production LaTeX free
book viewing Adobe Reader, by Acrobat free
seismic data processing software SEPlib free from SEP, but installation, not included, might not be easy

Some students wanted to see how I make my videos, so I gave them this impromptu seminar. It is unedited and unpolished, but it does take you through the basics in 15 minutes.