Two dimensional Fourier Transform:
Linking observations with theory

Jon Claerbout, 2013

Two of my books (BEI and PVI) contain a favorite illustration of mine, showing a 2-D plane of data and what it looks like as it is taken to Fourier space. I like showing it because the basic concepts come across more clearly in person than on paper. Here you have links to the video (55:07 minutes).

  1. Let's dig up some data (5:47) here, or at youtube.
  2. How do we compute the 2-D Fourier Transform? (11:51) here or at youtube.
  3. Review of 1-D Fourier Transform (7:53) here or at youtube.
  4. Quiz on the meaning of the results (4:26) here or at youtube.
  5. Answers to the easy questions (14:35)  ©Jon Claerbout here.
  6. A hard question (2:22) here or at youtube.
  7. Answer to the hard question (5:01)  ©Jon Claerbout
  8. Easy 3-D question (3:12) here or at youtube.

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