Seek partners for a large 2-D permanent geophone array

by Jon Claerbout at SEP

I am interested in finding managing partners to share building a semipermanent (one year?) geophone array, larger than the one we set up and operated for one night in 1988 with 169 channels and 4056 geophones.

I have $50,000 earmarked for hardware. It should be straightforward to magnify these funds.

I looked at the Cecil and Ida Green Piñon Flat Observatory-(PFO) and propose the following geometry for recording channels. I have not yet considered the subarray layouts.

(The channel density is obviously adjustable. If I understood CGI (Common Gateway Interface) better, I would let you adjust this parameter and replot the geometry here.)

Naturally it would be nice to have a larger array, but this seems the maximum available area at Piñon Flat.

The doctoral dissertation work of Steve Cole leading to a paper for publication explains the results of our previous array. That array showed micro earthquakes, more or less continuously (usually more than one event above noise level every ten seconds) emerging from the east at 10-14 km/sec. These waves either originate far away and overturn beneath the moho (and somehow carry 10Hz energy for great distances) or else they originate nearby deeply under (<15 km) the Stanford University campus.

The goal is to see what has never been seen, by building what has never been built.