Jos's friend Layne Mosler is a food whiz and proved to me that delicious pizza need not contain tomatoes.

Super grandmother Diane (and her untrustworthy helper, Muffin) are preparing for the biggest event of the year coming up in April.

Kai gave his wholehearted endorsement.

Kai took us on an airplane ride to Hawaii. Along the way he asked for the sword key which I gave him. Then he cut off the head of a cobra and killed some sharks. We ran out of gasoline four or five times. I kept supplying Kai with gas, and he kept refilling our tank, and we took off again and again. Gee, boys play different than girls!

An unexpectedly fast ride down the slide ends in the arms of Auntie Diane.

Jon learns that you don't need to be a Dutch boy to enjoy certain kinds of play.

Some park friends also enjoyed building a wet-sand patty. Their hands were pretty cold.

Here is a 4 megabte tar ball of high-resolution of Kai pictures.