June 14, 2004

Today we remember happy times we had with Jos 6 and 7 years ago.

Today Jos would have been 30 years old. We think he'd be living near the nation's capitol writing speeches, living with a pregnant wife. Since we lost him Diane has become a rose grower. Today she spread pink rose petals on the water of Stevens Creek Reservoir in memory of the happy times we had there with him.

We visited the Toessel tree at WebTV and attached more origami birds. The bouquet we put on yesterday.

We ate buritos at the place Jos introduced us to near where he lived.

We visited his trailhead and left some flowers. Also, lighting was good for the best picture so far of the plaque.

We also went to the cemetery. Needless to say, many tears were left every place we went today. Jos would want not want us to feel sad. Maybe next year we'll do a bike ride together.