Cecil Green Journeys -- 1939 and 1978

Cecil Green Journeys


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Was Cecil Green the one who first found oil in Arabia? He never said that. I recall him say, "Whenever anyone speaks with assurance about finding oil, you know you are talking to a beginner." The facts are that the Standard Oil Company of California contracted with Cecil's company GSI (Geophysical Services, Inc) for a geophysical survey in Arabia. Geologists (who inspect rocks) see nothing of the subsurface so they contract with geophysicists who shoot explosives to get echos from the rocks in the subsurface. Geophysics defines the prospects in Arabia. You'll see them and their equipment here. Cecil was an early publishing member of the Society of Exploration Geophysics which today has 15,000 members and publications on the web going back to the beginning, including Cecil's publications.

Tim Barger organized an attractive web site relating to others at work in Arabia at that time.

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