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The main program environment with saw

The saw preprocessor also calls an essential initialization routine initpar(), organizes the self-doc, and simplifies data-cube input. See the on-line self-documentation or the manual pages for full details. Following is a complete saw program for a simple task:

# <in.H  Scale scaleval=1. > out.H
#	Copy input to output and scale by scaleval
# keyword generic scale
integer n1, n2, n3, esize
from history:	integer n1, n2, n3, esize
if (esize !=4)	call erexit('esize != 4')
allocate:	real x(n1,n2)

subroutine scaleit( n1,n2, x)
integer	i1,i2, n1,n2
real	x(n1,n2), scaleval
from par:	real scaleval=1.
call hclose()			# no more parameter handling.
call sreed('in', x, 4*n1*n2)
do i1=1,n1
	do i2=1,n2
		x(i1,i2) = x(i1,i2) * scaleval
call srite( 'out', x, 4*n1*n2) 
return;	end

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