Jon Claerbout's Retirement Program (5/14-15)

Wednesday evening

Greetings from those absent:   About 5pm we depart from Seward boat harbor by catamaran to Fox Island. During dinner we will pass around a microphone. If you have any friends not able to come to the celebration please solicit memories from them to read at this time.

Thursday Morning

  1. Jon Claerbout (10):   How it came about we are here in Alaska.
  2. Jon Claerbout (35):   Who we all are and what we did 1958-2008
  3. Oz Yilmaz (25):   I have broadened my seismic band-width and depth-width
  4. Steve Doherty (20):   It's the oil Business, stupid!
  5. Steve Cole (20):   The week SEP folks laid 4052 geophones and what they got.
  6. Rick Ottolini (20):   Interpretative processing then and now
  7. Joe Dellinger (20):   (1) Vplot, SEP's graphics language, and why it is used in many places today, (2) The Atlantis Green-Canyon earthquake dataset
  8. Reinaldo Michelena (5):   My future when I graduated and what has happened so far
  9. Francois Audebert (5):   A view from an accidental SEPer
  10. Antoine Guitton (10):   Fun with students
  11. Jesse Lomask (5):   How SEP has allowed me to "Hit the ground running at Chevron"

Thursday Afternoon

  1. Zhiming Li (20):   Things I did not know: 1958-2008
  2. Phil Schultz (20): Your career: More like a tennis match, or a round of golf?"
  3. Stew Levin (20):   What has defined SEP and how has it evolved
  4. David Lumley (20):   Fun with waves at SEP and beyond.
  5. Dimitri Bevc (15):   "How Jon Claerbout helped start 3DGeo" (I bet he doesn't even know!)
  6. Don Riley (15):   "Bad haircut, Bad motorcycle, Bad attitude"
  7. John Etgen (15):   To be arranged.
  8. Biondo Biondi (20):   Parallel computing <=> 3D seismic
  9. Martin, Matt, Marie, Bob, Jon (20): Reproducible Research Fun   (like being in the army?)
  10. Guojian, Alejandro, Bill, and Bob (15): Tangling with SEP's clusters
  11. John Mucci (5): A vendor's view of 35 years of working with SEP
  12. Jon and Joe (15):   SLIDES: Skylight, Earthquake, Old computers
  13. Jeff Shragge (5): Student life at SEP today
  14. Jon (5): Thanks for helping me make my free books.