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 Once upon                                          and weary,
 Over many                                forgotten lore,
 While I                                             a tapping,
 As of                                        chamber door.
 `'Tis some                                              door -
 Only this,     nothing more.'

 Ah, distinctly                          bleak December,
 And each                                             the floor.
 Eagerly I                                          to borrow
 From my                                                Lenore -
 For the                                               Lenore -
 Nameless here for evermore.

 And the                                       purple curtain
 Thrilled me                                          felt before;
 So that                                          stood repeating
 `'Tis some                                           door -
 Some late                                           door; -
 This it         nothing more,'

 Presently my                                     no longer,
 `Sir,' said                                      I implore;
 But the                                          came rapping,
 And so                                         chamber door,
 That I                                                       door; -
 Darkness there,     nothing more.

 Deep into                                           wondering, fearing,
 Doubting, dreaming                                dream before
 But the                                             no token,
 And the                                          word, `Lenore!'
 This I                                          word, `Lenore!'
 Merely this     nothing more.

 Back into                                         me burning,
 Soon again                                   than before.
 `Surely,' said                                    window lattice;
 Let me                                             explore -
 Let my                                          explore; -
 'Tis the          nothing more!'

 Open here                                              and flutter,
 In there                                             of yore.
 Not the                                                  stayed he;
 But, with                                                door -
 Perched upon                                        door -
 Perched, and          nothing more.

 Then this                                   into smiling,
 By the                                            it wore,
 `Though thy                                                     no craven.
 Ghastly grim                                              shore -
 Tell me                                        Plutonian shore!'
 Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

 Much I                                                so plainly,
 Though its                                relevancy bore;
 For we                                     human being
 Ever yet                                                door -
 Bird or                                           chamber door,
 With such      as `Nevermore.'

 But the                                           spoke only,
 That one                                          did outpour.
 Nothing further                                         fluttered -
 Till I                                                       before -
 On the                                           flown before.'
 Then the      said, `Nevermore.'

 Startled at                                  aptly spoken,
 `Doubtless,' said                                      and store,
 Caught from                          unmerciful disaster
 Followed fast                                               bore -
 Till the                                    burden bore
 Of "Never-nevermore."'

 But the                                       into smiling,
 Straight I                                                    and door;
 Then, upon                                     to linking
 Fancy unto                                           yore -
 What this                                                  of yore
 Meant in croaking `Nevermore.'

 This I                                 syllable expressing
 To the                                          bosom's core;
 This and                                      ease reclining
 On the                                             gloated o'er,
 But whose                                          gloating o'er,
 She shall        ah, nevermore!

 Then, methought,                                       unseen censer
 Swung by                                          tufted floor.
 `Wretch,' I                                                         sent thee
 Respite -                                        of Lenore!
 Quaff, oh                                           lost Lenore!'
 Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

 `Prophet!' said                                                devil! -
 Whether tempter                                      here ashore,
 Desolate yet                                    enchanted -
 On this                                           implore -
 Is there                                                 I implore!'
 Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

 `Prophet!' said                                             or devil!
 By that                                                  adore -
 Tell this                                       distant Aidenn,
 It shall                                              Lenore -
 Clasp a                                          named Lenore?'
 Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

 `Be that                                                      upstarting -
 `Get thee                                       Plutonian shore!
 Leave no                                             hath spoken!
 Leave my                                            my door!
 Take thy                                                    my door!'
 Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

 And the                                                is sitting
 On the                                     chamber door;
 And his                                             is dreaming,
 And the                                                    the floor;
 And my                                                 the floor
 Shall be        - nevermore!