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 There are                            midnight sun
 By the              for gold;
 The Arctic                   secret tales
 That would                 run cold;
 The Northern                  queer sights,
 But the                    did see
 Was that                                               Sam McGee.

 Now Sam                                                   and blows.
 Why he                                                         only knows.
 He was                                                            a spell;
 Though he'd                                                    in hell".

 On a                                                Dawson trail.
 Talk of                                                       driven nail.
 If our                                                           not see;
 T'was not                                           Sam McGee.

 And that                                                         the snow,
 And the                                                         and toe,
 He turns                                                     I guess;
 And if                                      last request."

 Well, he                                                                of moan:
 "It's the                                                                        the bone.
 Yet 'taint                                                    that pains;
 So I                                                         last remains."

 A pal's                                                  not fail;
 And we                                                      ghastly pale.
 He crouched                                                 in Tennessee;
 And before                                             Sam McGee.

 There wasn't                                       hurried, horror-driven,
 With a                                                        promise given;
 It was                                                                     and brains,
 But you                                                    last remains."

 Now a                                                          stern code.
 In the                                                                  that load.
 In the                                                                       a ring,
 Howled out                                                          that thing.

 And every                                         heavier grow;
 And on                                                     getting low;
 The trail                                                   give in;
 And I'd                                                        a grin.

 Till I                                                   there lay;
 It was                                                           "Alice May."
 So I                                                       frozen chum;
 Then "Here,"                                my cre-ma-tor-eum."

 Some planks                                          boiler fire;
 Some coal                                               fuel higher;
 The flames                                                     seldom see;
 I burrowed                                              Sam McGee.

 Then I                                            sizzle so;
 And the                                                             to blow.
 It was                                                                know why;
 And the                                                   the sky.

 I do                                               grisly fear;
 But the                                                  ventured near;
 I was                                                        peep inside.
 I guess                                                  opened wide.

 And there                                                     furnace roar;
 He wore                                                          the door.
 It's fine                                                    and storm.
 Since I                                                            been warm."

 There are                                                              for gold;
 The Arctic                                                            run cold;
 The Northern                                                           did see
 Was that                                               Sam McGee.

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