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 My name                    know that
 it's written                                       the bed.
 They think                         read it,
 but I've                                            is "death".
 So confession,                         you came?
 Get it                                     the game?
 Since you                                          I'll name,
 thirteen crosses                      Missouri waters.

 August 'Forty-Nine, North Montana,
 the hottest                           tinder dry.
 Lightning strikes,    the mountains.
 As crew                                            to fly.
 Pick the                       in low.
 Feel the                               you "GO".
 See the                     down below.
 Fifteen of                            Missouri waters.

 Gauged the           seen bigger.
 I ordered                                 from below.
 We'd have               the river.
 We'd have                                      it slow,
 But the                                 just ahead.
 There's no                          ridge instead.
 Too big                                      slope instead.
 Flames one                             Missouri waters.

 Sky turned            was boiling.
 Two hundred                                  yards behind.
 I don't                  thought it.
 I struck                                             of time.
 Tried to                                I set.
 We can't                                  you'll get.
 But they                              above instead.
 I lay                                      Missouri waters.

 a a   aa aa

 And when              the phoenix,
 that world                                      two survived.
 I stayed                 day after.
 Carried bodies                               stayed alive.
 Thirteen stations,                      their fall.
 I've had                         nothing more.
 I'll join                              long before.
 Thirteen crosses                     Missouri water.
 Thirteen crosses                                              uu uuuu