Josie’s Priorities





article: forms on webtv

explain the ins and outs of how forms can be different on webtv

posted 7/9

viewer guide

review, re-organize, re-write

on hold

javascript guide

  1. take out the insidious stuff

  2. add workarounds

  3. truly document what we support

part 1 posted 7/9

system guide

evaluate existing and re-purpose – should be an introduction to webtv technology

drafted and staged on dev-dev

color picker v2.0

bigger and better than ever before!


workarounds/tech notes

establish a format to deliver small solutions and snippets. must be searchable.


webtv browsers

upgrades and versions, part of sys. guide possibly or how does webtv work.

under investigation

QA testing for WebTV browser

simple steps that can make it easier for what to look for. possible to plant into another piece.

under investigation

what developers should know about webtv

New release schedules

how do the new releases effect the developer community and functionality of webtv

planning and under investigation


answer many common questions of developers

under investigation