Ray Hill writes

Back when Steve Perlman left the company (several months ago), they threw a big party over at 1250 Charleston. I had heard about the ImageGrabber several times before and was excited about it (since it was one of the things I was wishing we would eventually get), but I had yet to get a chance to see the thing. So when I ran into Jos at the party, I started drilling him for info on it.

The minute I expressed an interest in his newest toy, Jos' eyes lit up and he quickly dragged me (willingly) away from the party to his desk, so he could show it off to me. He gave me an overview of what it was supposed to do, showed me the prototype, and asked for feedback. After about an hour of geeking (and several days of emails back and forth), I had helped him squash a few bugs in it (it was mistaking alt tags for images) and offered to build him a nice, user friendly UI for it.

At the time, they were still planning on integrating it into the service, so he passed on the UI offer only because the powers that be were going to want to do that. I've been so busy on other projects since then that I didn't even know the project had been abandoned until recently.

Anyway, since the tool never did get a user friendly UI built for it, I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the cgi half of it so I can start my own Perl learning project and give it the UI it deserves (making it easier to read on a WebTV, adding the ability to change the file name, etc).

Your son has done a lot for me over the years, and I owe him a great deal. I would love to have a chance to pay back at least a small portion of that debt.