Jos resigns from WebTV

Jos's resignation letter from WebTV

(He is then rehired at double the pay.)

Over the past six months I have gotten to know and work with some of the most competent and talented people I have ever known. In my time at WebTV, I was always pleasantly surprised to find exceptional people in all sorts of jobs; even jobs which left no outlet for their considerable faculty. I have learned a great deal from those with whom I have worked; programming languages, communicative skills, technical know-how. What I was never able to emulate was their forbearance.

Because of the esteem in which I hold my fellow WebTV employees, I would have liked to have stayed with the company after I felt my time in Previews had come to a close. Unfortunately, once this opportunity was conspicuously removed, I felt I had little choice but to depart from a company to which I felt I still had much to contribute. My decision to resign has been neither easy nor readily made, but I feel that it is now my turn to dictate the future of my career. That career now leads me away from WebTV. I will miss it.

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