Project LoveBunny

Project Lovebunny

by Rosemary Stasek

When WebTV posted the online invitation to the Farewill-to-Jos gathering, the title of the webpage was "Project Lovebunny". This is in reference to early 1999 when we ran into a problem with domain names within the Microsoft network. Our internal website is http://webtv. Because there is also an NT domain of that name on the internal Microsoft network, folks in various parts of the world and some in [corporate HQ] Redmond could not see the website. We needed to come up with an additional name as an alias for alternate access. I took a poll and came up with ms-webtv, mswebtv, webtv-intranet, wni, webtv-1, webtv-web and Jos' suggestion: lovebunny.

The final decision was ms-webtv, but lovebunny was so popular, that it became the project name for my huge, massive project to clean up the intranet sites. My whiteboard in my cube for months had in big letters "Home of Project Lovebunny". The project is just about finished a year later, but the project name is never going to go away as long as I'm here because all of the online documentation used in connection with the intranet has Lovebunny in the title. In a sense, our whole intranet is Project Lovebunny.