James J. McKenna: I was his professor (of anthropology) and friend at Pomona College. I had been at Pomona for 20 years -- and Jos took at least one of my classes and, of course, we had been friends ever since as I, like all of you, only marveled at his immense and seemingly unending capacity for surprise and wit, intelligence, originality -- I loved his personality -- his creativity and strength -- his courage to be everything simultaneously.

I have examined the physiological effects of touch -- (human, of course) -- and you can see from this that Jos and I, we had much in common.

After my class, right before Jos graduated -- we went out several times for lunch as a way to consolidate our friendship -- with Jos offering to make me a WEB sleep page to put all my "radical" journal articles on it -- to make them available to others. Jos knew that I was completely not the type to be able to make a WEB page -- we were very different in that way. His ease with technology was amazing to me -- since it is not easy for me.

And I saw the infamous/wonderful "massage table--shortly after it was made -- and other equipment (portable gym equipment) as well. Jos offered to let me "jump on" the massage table but I was more reserved than he -- and couldn't do it. I preach touch, and hug alot, but was a bit nervous about getting a massage. Sure wish that I had. But I sure wanted to! So special was our friendship and what we meant to each other -- I gave Jos a silver Navajo Indian bracelet as a sign of our mutual mentoring and friendship -- which I think that I saw on his wrist in one of the photos. Jos sent me a gift, too. It was something he made, a piece of art which I will treasure all the more.

Jos and I had a special relationship. One that would have carried both of us through our lives. I used to tell him, well after my class was over, that he should be an anthropologist because he was so incredible with people and understanding them.

Nobody can be Jos -- he really was one of the most special persons I've ever known.


> Just figured that I should drop you a note before you depart those hallowed
> grounds...... What will your address be in South Bend?
> Spread kisses all around, and I hope you're not too nervous about the big
> move. All that talk about crime rampages in South Bend? A pack of lies.
> Jos