Matthias Schwab: Another thing that strikes me as so inexplicable [about his death]: I did exercise twice with Jos. Once we biked his routine route, the other time we walked for several hours as fast as we could. In both cases Jos utterly frustrated me by speeding ahead and graciously waiting for me with good advice or simply a joke. He was so much stronger than I was. He ate better. He did gymnastics.

When we lived together at your home, we had a program: every evening we would take turns choosing a movie. Then we would watch it. But we "allowed" ourselves the movie only as long as we did do stretching exercises while watching.

There are many discussions I had with Jos. Here are several:

The one thing we never discussed (by gentlemen's agreement, I guess) was my thesis difficulties. Nevertheless, did Jos almost make me drop out ... I cannot remember when and why, but Jos suggested that I read "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. I enjoyed the book greatly. For days we called each other "Howard" or "Howard Roark", the hero of the book who drops out of architecture school because he was not willing to compromise his vision. Dropping out was appealing to me at the time, but I guess, I could have hardly argued that it was because of a compromised vision.

We both loved books that described the same event but came to different conclusions. When we parted I gave him the book "Ordinary man" that discusses the same German police squad that "Hitler's willing executioners" discusses. Both books use the same court materials to argue their case: what made these police man to executioners of Polish Jews? I had looked forward to Jos's take on the issue ... but we never had a chance to discuss it. I left for Germany and he stayed behind.

I know he was planning to visit us in Germany and I had told [my boy] Lukas much about the great funny friend who would come. I can't help even now to think about the places I want to show him.

PS: one funny thing. I always thought Jos a little shy in some ways. Maybe I should write about that ...

PPS: Jos loved you, Diane and Jon. And I could tell how happy he was that you enjoyed him being in Palo Alto and being successful. He was so proud of both of you and greatly appreciated your encouragement: Jos and the internet industry are in many ways a perfect match!

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