Jos tells us how to learn HTML

Jos tells us how to learn HTML

This found in a letter to a friend.

Here is the Jos advice:

1) Go to a good HTML tutorial site. The one at is a personal fave. I
didn't start with it, but I did send some people to it who have had pretty
good experiences. The fellow who runs it seems like a real good fellow as

2) Once you have a pretty good idea what's going on, go to other peoples'
sites and steal their code. The "view source" button on your browser is
your new best friend. Once you're pretty good at stealing others' code,
start modifying it to do more precisely what you want. Then start doing it
on your own.

3) When you're really becoming a power user, you want to check out It's a bit much for beginners,
but will lay out every tag in exhaustive detail. You'll be grateful when
the time comes.

And lastly, shy away from WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML
editors like FrontPage and PageMill. You won't get no love from me if you
use these.

Oh wait, one more lastly! Download the demo (fully functional) of Homesite.
It's a great straight HTML editor (unlike all those, you know, gay ones)
from  You will learn to love this program as I have.

Well, that's how I'd do it. Maybe you'll prefer something different, I
can't say. Always feel free to email me questions. You have no idea how it
thrills me.

Or maybe, just maybe, you do.

Buckets of love!