Jos picture series beginning as fisherman.

Jos, 20, the Alaskan fisherman at the dock in Seward. After a summer of unlucky fishing he was lean and hungry looking. In the photo he might look far, far away, but actually he was exuberantly present.

The next day he shaved off his mustache. He would soon become the campaign coordinator for the Green Party representing Alaska's candidate for US Congress. She writes:

    "Although my passion (and some would say life's work), my political involvement and the electoral campaigns in particular have taken a toll on me, my family and my friends. [Jos's article] helped me remember that there are far more positive benefits that come out of these efforts, that make them truly worthwhile -- regardless of the costs involved. I laughed until I cried reading his account of our campaign stop before the Americans for the Constitution group. Alaskan politics are like none other. The size of Alaska makes running a statewide campaign to reach a half million people scattered like seeds in tall grass -- an enormous undertaking.

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