Gboyega Ayeni

Gboyega Ayeni

Stanford Exploration Project
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I am a PhD candidate in the Geophysics department at Stanford University and a member of the Stanford Exploration Project. Currently, I am developing joint wave-equation inversion schemes for time-lapse seismic monitoring of subsurface reservoirs. These schemes will attenuate image differences caused by uneven illumination (e.g., due to complex overburden) or geometry differences between seismic surveys.

You can take a look at my previous/current research and contact me if you find it interesting.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, check out the websites of my colleagues or research reports and PhD theses from my research group.

Email me.... if any of these is true: You

- want to collaborate on any interesting research ideas for time-lapse imaging

- want to discuss african history and politics

- want to discuss the unrest in the Niger Delta

- want to know how the current global financial crisis affects me

- are an old friend or will like to be make a new one



397, Panama Mall

Room 417B

Stanford, CA 94305

PHN: 650 723 6006

FAX: 650 723-0683

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