Computation is an integral part of what we do at SEP. The past 25 years since the founding of SEP has seen an incredible explosion in both the power of computers and the tasks we ask them to perform. Likewise, the software used and written at SEP has developed along the same lines: from simple to complex; specialized to highly general.

  • SEP Software Tour - As any SEP alumni will tell you, we do things differently, stressing generality and elegance. An overview of how we do it.
  • SEPlib - A complete and freely distributed seismic data processing software package that we use for our research.
  • GNU Software - The world's best-known distributor of high-quality free software.
  • SEPSCons - Build exectables with the SEP SConstruction environment in SCons.
  • TeX Software - Don Knuth's flexible typesetting protocol.
  • Document Maintenence Scripts - Useful scripts written by SEP'ers over the years - FREE to download.
  • Ratfor - Fortran preprocessor; allows us to write Fortran code with C-style syntax.
  • Ratfor90 - Fortran90 preprocessor; allows us to write Fortran code with C-style syntax.
  • xtpanel - xtpanel is a simple scripting language for creating shell like X-window applications.
  • SEPlib-Matlab I/O package - read and write SEPlib format datasets to and from Matlab.
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