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env.SProgram('driver.f90') env.SProgram('driver.f90')
</code> </code>
 +==== Build, Clean and Burn ==== 
 +Although the target of the above ''SConstruct'' file is ''~/bin/driver.x'', it is aliased under ''driver.x''. Thus running 
 +>> scons driver.x 
 +Would build the specific target. All intermediate files can be cleaned running scons with the clean flag: 
 +>> scons -c driver.x 
 +>> scons --clean driver.x 
 +The final target file ''~/bin/driver.x'' was kept save from the clean because SProgram protected it with the SCons ''Noclean'' function. When the target needs to be burned, just run SCons with the burn flag: 
 +>> scons --burn driver.x 
 +This will enable clean mode and while the target is not protected by ''Noclean''. Effectively removing all the files created by the initial build.
====== FFTW and OPENMP ====== ====== FFTW and OPENMP ======
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