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-==== Downloading ==== 
-  * [[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/ftp/sep-distr/ratfor77.tar.gz|Ratfor (17KB tar.gz)]] is freely available on our ftp site. (You may have to press the shift key to download the file to your system rather than viewing the file in your browser). 
-==== Description ==== 
-Ratfor is preprocessor for FORTRAN code that allows us to use C-like flow expressions. Jon Claerbout believes that Ratfor is the best available expository language for mathematical algorithms. Ratfor was invented by Brian Kernigham who also co-wrote the first C book. You will not really need precise definitions of Ratfor to use it. Statements on a line may be separated by a ";". Statements may be grouped together with braces {}. Do loops do not require statement numbers because {} defines the range, etc. The Fortran relational operators ".gt.,.ge,.ne.," etc. may be written ">,<=,!=,"etc. Unfortunately, the Ratfor switch statement conflicts with "implicit undefined" declaration, consequently we never use it. Ratfor also frees you from FORTRANs strict indentation rules. Anything from a # to the end of the line is a comment. Ratfor offers quite a few more features more and we strongly recommend it to any FORTRAN programmer. 
-==== Installation ==== 
-  * Download the file. 
-  * Unshar the file with **unshar ratfor.shar.2**. 
-  * Compile "rat4.o, getopt.o, lookup.o". 
-  * Link "rat4.o" (main routine), "getopt.o, lookup.o"(subroutines) and install the executable as "ratfor77" 
-==== Acknowledgements ==== 
-  * Kernighan and Plauger wrote and published the original Ratfor preprocessor in 1976 while working at the Bell Telephone Laboratories. 
-  * Oz implemented a C version of the Ratfor preprocessor and made it freely available on the internet. 
-==== Bibliography ==== 
-  * Kernighan, B. and Plauger, P., "Software Tools," Addison-Wesley, 1976. 
-  * [[http://www.mit.edu:8001/afs/athena.mit.edu/astaff/project/docsourc/doc/unix.manual.progsupp2/08.ratfor/ratfor.PS|Original bell-labs ratfor (77)documentation]] 
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-Page Maintainer: <webmaster@sep.stanford.edu>\\ 
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