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SEP Seminar - On Zoom because of COVID-19

Spring 2021: Monday 9:30-11:00

Forthcoming speakers list:

Jonathan Voyles:
Joe Jennings:
Bin Luo:
Joe Stitt:
Rahul Sarkar:
Fantine Huot:
Julio Oliva Frigerio:
Paige Given:
Biondo Biondi:
Guillaume Barnier:

Emeritus, consulting, and volunteer:
Jon Claerbout:
Shuki Ronen:

Speakers temporarily absent:

Speakers absent for a quarter or more:
Min Jun Park:
Stuart Farris:
Rustam Akhmadiev:
Siyuan Yuan:
Milad Bader:

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Seminar Length Policy

  • Seminar will be 20 minutes long leaving 5 minutes for discussion. This is in order to have two speakers a day and to train students for SEG/EAGE conference presentations.
  • Yet, the seminars are different from SEG/EAGE talks in that they are less complete and the discussion will typically start during the talk.
  • It is good to ask questions before the end of the talk. But questions much be questions and not mini-talks.
  • It is okay for the speaker to say: “Don't eat up my time”.
  • The speaker will be prompted by the professor and/or by the audience after 15 minutes: “You have 5 more minutes”.
  • Seminars that will run over time will be stopped after 25 minutes (including discussion) but will continue on Friday's spare slot. A seminar that will run over time will not push the following seminar to the spare slot, but will itself go there.

Friday Beer Club Philanthropy:

  • $2 fine for student late arrivals. $10 fine for PhD late arrivals. (Doubled fine for speakers being late.)
  • $10/$20 for student/PhD absences when spotted by two witnesses during an interval of 2 hours before or after seminar.
  • $4 fine for seminar title not posted on TWIG. “Flash seminar” is NOT a title.
    (Deadline usually on Friday the week prior.)
  • $0.25 fine per non-labeled axis or missing title [*new*].
    (Need to be spotted by public; only for prepared slides and figures.)
  • $0 fine. If the speaker cannot present at the scheduled slot, he/she must find a substitute. The next speaker down the list is the default substitute, but he/she should be notified at least a couple days in advance.
  • $2 fine per telephone call (except urgent call) during the seminar.[*new*]
  • $2 fine per personal device (include but not limited to computer, ipad, tablet, smart phone) generated sound (except for urgent call). [*new*]

Fines go to the Friday Beer Club treasury. All are invited to enjoy!

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