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**Reproducibility and source codes**\\ **Reproducibility and source codes**\\
 +This thesis has been tested for [[sep:research:reproducible|reproducibility]]. The source codes are made available for [[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/private/docs/sep169/elastic_fwi_final.tar.gz|download]]. The source code included here covers both the elastic modeling and imaging described in Chapters 2 and 4, as well as the optimizations from Chapter 3 and the complete field data workflow for Chapter 5. Due to data usage permissions, the raw data used in Chapter 5 is not included in the download.\\
**Defense presentation slides**\\ **Defense presentation slides**\\
-[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep167/chap1.pptx|Chapter 1]]\\ +All slides can be download as a .tar.gz file [[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep169/slides.tar.gz|here]].\\ 
-[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep167/chap2.pptx|Chapter 2]]\\ +For individual .pptx files, follow the links below. Please acknowledge the source when reproducing these slides.\\ 
-[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep167/chap3.pptx|Chapter 3]]\\ +[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep169/Gustavo Alves - PhD defense - acoustic vs elastic data.pptx|Comparing acoustic and elastic data]]\\ 
-[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep167/chap4.pptx|Chapter 4]]\\+[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep169/Gustavo Alves - PhD defense - single vs multicomponent data.pptx|Comparing single and multicomponent data]]\\ 
 +[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep169/Gustavo Alves - PhD defense - Chapter 2 - Theory.pptx|Chapter 2 - Theory]]\\ 
 +[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep169/Gustavo Alves - PhD defense - Chapter 2 - A visual example of ERTM.pptx|Chapter 2 - A visual example of ERTM]]\\ 
 +[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep169/Gustavo Alves - PhD defense - Chapter 3 - Optimization - Random Boundaries.pptx|Chapter 3 - Random boundaries]]\\ 
 +[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep169/Gustavo Alves - PhD defense - Chapter 5 - EFWI of the Moere Vest data set.pptx|Chapter 5 - EFWI of the Moere Vest data set]]\\ 
 +[[http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/docs/sep169/Gustavo Alves - PhD defense - Chapter 3 - Optimization - Reciprocity.pptx|Appendix A - Reciprocity]]\\
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