1998 - 68th Annual SEG Meeting; New Orleans, LA

Title Author(s) Download
An acoustic wave equation for anisotropic media Tariq Alkhalifah pdf (226 KB)
Azimuth moveout vs. dip moveout in inhomogeneous media Biondo Biondi pdf (537 KB)
Robust reflection tomography in the time domain Biondo Biondi, Bob Clapp, Sergey Fomel, and Tariq Alkhalifah pdf (675 KB)
Multidimensional recursive filters via a helix with application to velocity estimation and 3-D migration Jon Claerbout pdf (594 KB)
Regularizing velocity estimation using geologic dip information Bob Clapp pdf (191 KB)
Shot interpolation for radon multiple suppression Sean Crawley pdf (2,503 KB)
Estimating the amount of hydrate and free gas from surface seismic Christine Ecker, Jack Dvorkin, and Amos Nur pdf (763 KB)
Implicit 3-D depth migration by wavefield extrapolation with helical boundary conditions James Rickett, Jon Claerbout, and Sergey Fomel pdf (118 KB)
A cross-equalization processing flow for off-the-shelf 4-D seismic data James Rickett and David Lumley pdf (596 KB)
Huygens wavefront tracing: a robust alternative to ray tracing Paul Sava and Sergey Fomel pdf (602 KB)
Fast-marching eikonal solver in the tetragonal coordinates Yalei Sun and Sergey Fomel pdf (244 KB)
Building the 3-D integral DMO operator in the slant-stack domain Yalei Sun and Tariq Alkhalifah pdf (707 KB)

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