1999 - 69th Annual SEG Meeting; Houston, TX

Title Author(s) Download
Wave equation migration velocity analysis Biondo Biondi and Paul Sava pdf (2,681 KB)
ps.gz (1,009 KB)
Interpolation with smoothly nonstationary prediction-error filters Sean Crawley, Bob Clapp, and Jon Claerbout pdf (2,696 KB)
ps.gz (830 KB)
Robust and stable velocity analysis using the Huber function Antoine Guitton and Bill Symes pdf (3,151 KB)
ps.gz (802 KB)
Angle-domain common image gathers by wave-equation migration Marie Prucha, Biondo Biondi, and Bill Symes pdf (1,409 KB)
ps.gz (384 KB)
Acoustic daylight imaging via spectral factorization: helioseismology and reservoir monitoring James Rickett and Jon Claerbout pdf (411 KB)
Anti-aliasing multiple prediction beyond 2-D Yalei Sun pdf (3,417 KB)
ps.gz (169 KB)

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