2000 - 70th Annual SEG Meeting; Calgary, Alberta

Title Author(s) Download
3-D wave-equation prestack imaging under salt Biondo Biondi and Louis Vaillant pdf (9,006 KB)
ps.gz (1,065 KB)
A pseudo-unitary implementation of the Radial Trace Transform Morgan Brown and Jon Claerbout pdf (4,997 KB)
ps.gz (1,154 KB)
(t,x) domain, pattern-based ground roll removal Morgan Brown and Bob Clapp pdf (1,853 KB)
ps.gz (167 KB)
Prestack Stolt residual migration for migration velocity analysis Paul Sava pdf ( 9,598 KB)
ps.gz ( 1,570 KB)
3-D wave-equation imaging of a North Sea dataset: common-azimuth migration + residual migration Louis Vaillant, Henri Calandra, Paul Sava and Biondo Biondi pdf ( 2,621 KB)
ps.gz ( 1,537 KB)
Tau domain migration velocity analysis using angle CRP gathers and geologic constraints Robert G. Clapp and Biondo Biondi pdf (5,866 KB)
ps.gz (596 KB)

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