2001 - 71st Annual SEG Meeting; San Antonio, Texas

Title Author(s) Download
Stable wide-angle Fourier-finite difference downward extrapolation of 3-D wavefields Biondo Biondi pdf (288 KB)
ps.gz (381 KB)
PS-wave polarity reversal in angle domain common-image gathers Daniel Rosales and James Rickett pdf (203 KB)
ps.gz (193 KB)
Multiple attenuation using a t-x pattern-based subtraction method Antoine Guitton, Morgan Brown, James Rickett, Robert Clapp pdf (1,214 KB)
ps.gz (1,387 KB)
Amplitude-preserved common image gathers by wave-equation migration Paul Sava, Biondo Biondi, Sergey Fomel pdf (262 KB)
ps.gz (207 KB)

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