2003 - 73rd Annual SEG Meeting; Dallas, Texas

Title Author(s) Download
Operator aliasing in wavefield continuation migration Brad Artman, Jeff Shragge, and Biondo Biondi pdf
Wavefield-continuation angle-domain common-image gathers for migration velocity analysis Biondo Biondi, Thomas Tisserant and William Symes pdf
Narrow-azimuth migration of marine streamer data Biondo Biondi pdf
Interpolation of irregularly-sampled data with non-stationary, multi-scale prediction-error filters Bill Curry pdf
Amplitude and kinematic corrections of migrated images for non-unitary imaging operators Antoine Guitton pdf
Multiple attenuation with multidimensional prediction-error filters Antoine Guitton pdf
Development of experimental methods in electroseismics Seth Haines, Antoine Guitton, Biondo Biondi, and Steve Pride pdf
Flattening 3D seismic cubes without picking Jesse Lomask pdf
Multiple attenuation in the image space Paul Sava and Antoine Guitton pdf
Wave-equation migration velocity analysis by inversion of differential image perturbations Paul Sava and Biondo Biondi pdf
Source-receiver migration of multiple reflections Guojian Shan pdf
2-D deconvolution imaging condition for shot-profile migration Alejandro A. Valenciano and Biondo Biondi pdf

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