2008 - 70th Annual EAGE Meeting; Rome, Italy

Title Author(s) Download
Prestack Migration in Elliptic Coordinates J.C. Shragge, G. Shan pdf
Wavepath Tomography for Model Building and Hazard DetectionD. Bevc, M.M. Fliedner, B. Biondi pdf
Accelerating Seismic Computations on FPGAs From the Perspective of Number Representations H. Fu, W. Osborne, R.G. Clapp, O. Pell pdf
Automatic interpretation of salt bodies by iterative image segmentationAdam Halpert, Jesse Lomask, Bob Clapp, Biondo Biondi pdf
The role of High-performance computing and seismic imaging and interpretationBiondo Biondi, Bob Clapp, Alejandro Valenciano pdf

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