2009 - 79th Annual SEG Meeting - Houston, Texas.

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Optimized local matching of time-lapse seismic data: A case study from the Gulf of Mexico Gboyega Ayeni, Stanford University and Mosab Nasser, Shell International E & P pdf
Joint target-oriented wave-equation inversion of multiple time-lapse seismic data sets Gboyega Ayeni and Biondo Biondi pdf
Seismic image segmentation with multiple attributes Adam D. Halpert, Robert G. Clapp, and Biondo Biondi pdf
Wave-equation tomography using image-space phase encoded data Claudio Guerra, Yaxun Tang, and Biondo Biondi pdf
Least-squares migration/inversion of blended data Yaxun Tang and Biondo Biondi pdf
Joint preconditioned least-squares inversion of simultaneous source time-lapse seismic data sets Gboyega Ayeni, Yaxun Tang and Bindo Biondi pdf
Accelerating 3D Convolution using Streaming Architectures on FPGAs Haohuan Fu, Robert G. Clapp, Stanford University; Oskar Mencer, Imperial College London; Oliver Pell, Maxeler pdf
Reverse time migration with random boundaries Robert G. Clapp pdf
Kinematics of iterative interferometry in a passive seismic experiment Sjoerd de Ridder, George Papanicolaou and Biondo Biondi pdf

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