2008 - 78th Annual SEG Meeting - Las Vegas, Nevada.

Title Author(s) Download
Image segmentation for velocity model construction and updating Adam D. Halpert, Robert G. Clapp, Jesse Lomask, and Biondo Biondi pdf
Wavepath tomography for model building and hazard detection D. Bevc (3DGeo Inc.), M.M. Fliedner (3DGeo Inc.) & B. Biondi (Stanford University) pdf
Fast velocity model building by plane-wave migration in tilted coordinates, automated volume-based picking, and tomography Antoine Guitton, Moritz Fliedner, 3DGeo Inc. Biondo Biondi, Stanford University, Francisco Ortigosa, Repsol pdf
Angle-domain common-image gathers for steep reflectors Guojian Shan, Chevron Energy Technology Company, formerly Stanford University Biondo Biondi, Stanford University pdf
Imaging by target-oriented wave-equation inversion: 3-D field data results Alejandro A. Valenciano, Biondo L. Biondi, and Robert G. Clapp pdf
Velocity model building with Wave Equation Migration Velocity Focusing Analysis Morgan P. Brown and Joseph H. Higginbotham, Wave Imaging Technology Inc. Robert G. Clapp, Stanford University pdf
Wave Equation Migration Velocity Focusing Analysis Joseph H. Higginbotham and Morgan P. Brown, Wave Imaging Technology Inc. Robert G. Clapp pdf
Velocity Sensitivity of Reverse-time Migration Guojian Shan, Lin Zhang, Yue Wang, Tamas Nemeth and Wei Liu, Chevron Energy Technology Company pdf
Angle-domain Common-Image Gathers in Generalized Coordinates Jeff Shragge pdf
Wave-equation Hessian by phase encoding Yaxun Tang pdf

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