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2007 - 77th Annual SEG Meeting - San Antonio, Texas.

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Wavepath Tomography for Subsalt Velocity Model Building M.M. Fliedner, M.P. Brown, D. Bevc (3DGeo Development Inc.) & B. Biondi (Stanford University) pdf
3D plane-wave migration in tilted coordinate Guojian Shan, Robert Clapp and Biondo Biondi pdf
Accelerating Subsurface Offset Gathers for 3D Seismic Applications using FPGAs Oliver Pell, Maxeler Technologies and Robert G. Clapp, Stanford University pdf
3D Migration of a Simulated Wide-Azimuth Towed Streamer Survey A. Guitton* (3DGeo Inc.), B. Kaelin (3DGeo Inc.) & F. Ortigosa (Repsol YPF) pdf
Prestack depth migration in elliptic coordinates Jeff Shragge and Guojian Shan pdf
Optimized implicit finite-difference migration for TTI media Guojian Shan pdf
Waveform inversion by one-way wavefield extrapolation Jeff Shragge pdf
Selective stacking in the reflection-angle and azimuth domain Yaxun Tang pdf

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