2006 - 76th Annual SEG Meeting; New Orleans, Louisiana

Title Author(s) Download
Flattening with geological constraints Jesse Lomask and Antoine Guitton pdf
Mapping of specularly-reflected multiples to image space. An example with 3D synthetic data. Gabriel Alvarez and Biondo Biondi pdf
Residual moveout of 2D multiples in Angle-Domain Common-Image Gathers Gabriel Alvarez pdf
Quaternion-based Signal Processing Ben Witten and Jeff Shragge pdf
Missing data Interpolation with Gaussian Pyramids Satyakee Sen pdf
Selection of reference-anisotropy parameters for wavefield extrapolation by Lloyd's algorithm Yaxun Tang and Robert G. Clapp pdf
Application of Least-Squares Joint Imaging of Multiples and Primaries to shallow-water data Madhav Vyas (Stanford University) and Morgan P. Brown (Amerada Hess Corporation) pdf
Image steep salt flank with plane-wave migration in tilted coordinates Guojian Shan and Biondo Biondi pdf
Optimized implicit finite-difference migration for VTI media Guojian Shan pdf

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