2019 SEP Annual Affiliates Meeting

Monterey, CA, May 13-16, 2019

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Time Presenter Title Report/Page#
8:00-8:05Biondo BiondiIntroduction
8:05-8:30Guillaume Barnier Model-space multi-scale approach for waveform inversion using spline interpolation SEP176
8:30-9:20 Taylor DahlkeVelocity model building using shape optimization applied to level sets SEP175
9:20-9:55Huy LeAcoustic anisotropic full waveform inversion: a parameterization study by examples SEP176
10:25-11:25Guillaume Barnier and Ettore BiondiFull-waveform inversion by model extension using a model-space multi-scale approach SEP176
11:25-11:55Yinbin MaTime-lapse anisotropic full-waveform inversion: linking geomechanics to seismics SEP176
2:00-2:25Fantine HuotStratigraphy estimation from seismic data using deep learning SEP176
2:25-2:50Joseph JenningsSeismic image focusing analysis using deep learning and residual migration SEP176
2:50-3:10Stuart FarrisSupervised and Unsupervised Deep Learning for Velocity Model Building SEP176
3:10-3:35Fantine HuotAutomatic denoising by 2-D continuous wavelet transform SEP176
3:35-4:00Rahul SarkarTexture Based Classification Of Seismic Image Patches Using Topological Data Analysis SEP176
3:35-4:00« PM Break »
4:00-4:25Robert ClappIO for the cloud SEP176
4:25-4:50Ettore BiondiA flexible solver for geophysical inverse problems SEP176
8:00-8:25Ettore Biondi True amplitude migration through regularized extended linear waveform inversion SEP176
8:25-8:50Stuart Farris Elastic Wavefield Recontruction Inversion SEP176
8:50-9:15 Joseph Jennings How does data blending influence different scales of the velocity model? SEP176
9:15-9:40 Jon Claerbout Data fitting with non-stationary statistics
10:10-10:35Rustam Akhmadiev Waveform inversion using one-way wave extrapolation SEP176
10:35-11:05Ariel Lellouch DAS recordings of guided waves generated by perforation shots SEP176
11:05-11:30Siyuan Yuan Seismic Signal and Noise Separation on Downhole Distributed Acoustic Sensing at SAFOD SEP176
11:30-12:00Ariel Lellouch Seismic velocity estimation and earthquake detection using downhole DAS - examples from SAFOD SEP176
1:00-1:25 Milad Bader Low Frequency De-noising using High Frequency Prediction Error Filters SEP176
1:25-1:50Rahul Sarkar Illumination compensation in extended least squares migrated images SEP176
1:50-2:15Alejandro Cabrales A nonlinear scheme to perform linearized waveform inversion with velocity updatingSEP176
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