2018 SEP Annual Affiliates Meeting

Chaminade Resort and Spa, Santa Cruz, CA, May 21-24, 2019

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SEP 2017 MEETING AGENDA Chaminade Resort and Spa, 1 Chaminade Way, Santa Cruz,Ca

Monday afternoon, May 21
4:00-6:00pm Check-In/Registration, Chaminade Resort and Spa - Reception
6:00-7:30pm Dinner, Sunset Restaurant
7:30-9:00pm Ice Breaker, Courtyard Terrace/Fireside Patio
Tuesday morning, May 21
7:00-8:00am Breakfast, Sunset Restaurant
General Meeting, Santa Cruz room
Time Presenter Title Report/Page#
8:00-8:10Biondo BiondiIntroduction
8:10-8:45Guillaume Barnier Full waveform inversion by model extension SEP172
8:45-9:10Huy LeAnisotropic velocity model building: A 2D field data example SEP172
9:10-9:40Stuart FarrisVelocity Estimation with Alternating Gradiometry and Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion SEP172
9:40-10:15 « AM Break » Seacliff Lounge & Terrace
10:15-10:45Rahul SarkarFrequency domain tomographic full waveform inversion SEP172
10:45-11:05Yinbin MaTime-lapse FWI with non-local shaping regularization: toward integrated reservoir monitoring SEP172
11:05-11:30Alejandro CabralesImproving reflectivity using linearized waveform inversion with velocity updating SEP172
11:30-11:55Yinbin MaToward time-lapse study of anisotropic parameters over the Genesis field SEP172
Tuesday afternoon, May 22
12:00-1:00pm Lunch, Sunset Restaurant
1:00-2:00 Steering Committee Meeting, Hotel Galvez & Spa, Music Hall
Steering Committee Meeting, Santa Cruz room
Time Presenter Title Report/Page#
2:00-2:25Ettore BiondiTarget-oriented elastic full-waveform inversion through extended-migration redatuming SEP172
2:25-2:45Joseph JenningsCombining direct imaging of blended data and data-space deblending using a pattern-based approach SEP172
2:45-3:10Robert ClappSynthetic model building for training neural networks in a Jupyter notebook SEP172
3:10-3:30Fantine HuotJump-starting neural network training for seismic problems SEP172
3:30-4:00« PM Break » Seacliff Lounge & Terrace
4:00-4:30Stuart FarrisComparing Deep Neural Network and Full Waveform Invserion Velocity Estimation SEP172
4:30-4:501Fantine HuotStratigraphic sequence estimation from seismic traces using convolutional neural networks SEP172
4:50-5:15Huy LeMulti-parameter waveform inversion on GPUs: A pipeline approach SEP172
5:15-5:35Taylor DahlkeShape optimization using randomized radial basis functions and interpreter guidance SEP172
6:00-7:30Dinner, Sunset Restaurant
7:30-9:30Reception, Sunset Patio
7:00-8:00amBreakfast, Sunset Restaurant
General Meeting, Santa Cruz room
Time Presenter Title Report/Page#
8:00-8:50Eileen Martin Continuous subsurface monitoring by passive seismic data recorded with Distributed Acoustic Sensors: the “Stanford DAS Array” experiment SEP173
8:50-9:40Jason Chang Imaging with ambient seismic noise: Beyond surface-wave microseisms SEP171
9:40-10:05« AM Break » Sea Cliff Lounge & Terrace
10:05-10:30Siyuan Yuan “Fingerprint" extraction from the Stanford DAS recordings SEP172
10:30-11:05Jon Claerbout Non-stationary signal tutorial SEP172
11:05-11:30Rustam Akhmadiev Adaptive prediction error filters SEP172
11:30-11:50Jospeh Jennings Multicomponent deblending of marine data using a pattern-based approach SEP172
Wednesday afternoon, April 19
12:00-1:00pm Lunch, Sunset Restaurant
General Meeting, Santa Cruz room
Time Presenter Title Report/Page#
1:00-1:25Rahul Sarkar Snell tomography using quantum annealing SEP172
1:25-1:50Miguel Ferrer Minimizing wave propagation dispersion by optimal parameter search in mimetic finite differences SEP172
1:50-2:10Taylor Dahlke GOM model inversion synthetic run-throughSEP172
2:10-2:45General Business Meeting
6:30Optional Dinner at West End and Tap Santa Cruz
Thursday morning, May 24
7:00-8:00amBreakfast, Sunset Restaurant
Special Presentations, Santa Cruz room
Time Presenter Title Report/Page#
8:00-8:45Claudio Guerra Cardoso The PreSalt, Brazil: Seismic Challenges
8:45-9:30 Madhav Vyas Data density, Amplitudes and Shallow Hazards
9:30-10:15 Chris Leader Seismic data in the cloud: ingress, processing, and visualisation
10:45-10:30« AM Break »Seacliff Lounge & Terrace
10:30End of Conference
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