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SEP Annual Sponsor Meeting \\ Pajaro Dunes on Monterey Bay \\ Watsonville, CA \\

// April 23-26, 2001 //

Monday afternoon, April 23
4:00-5:30 pm Registration/Check In, Pajaro Dunes Rental/Sales Office
(past South Gate House)
5:30-7:00 Registration/Check In, Lagoon House (past North Gate House)
7:00– Late Registration/Check In, Cypress House (past North Gate House)
7:00-8:30 Dinner, Cypress House
8:30-10:30 pm Ice Breaker, Cypress House
Tuesday morning, April 24
7:00-8:00 am Breakfast, Cypress House
8:00– General Meeting, Lagoon House
Time Presenter Title SEP-105/8
8:00-8:05 Jon Claerbout Welcome
8:05-8:35 Jon Claerbout Practical helix principles in 30 minutes
8:35-9:05 Sergey Fomel Three-dimensional seismic data regularization SEP107 1.02MB(pdf)
9:05-9:55 Robert Clapp Geologically constrained migration velocity analysis SEP106 20.8M
9:55-10:25 « Break »
10:25-10:45 Antoine Guitton Coherent noise attenuation: A synthetic and field example SEP108-225 4.95M
10:45-11:05 James Rickett Adaptive multiple subtraction with non-stationary helical shaping filters SEP108-275 5.69M
11:05-11:30 Gabriel Alvarez Multiple suppression with land data: A case study SEP108-297 7.78M
11:30-11:45 Antoine Guitton A pattern-based technique for ground-roll and multiple attenuation SEP108-249 4.49M
11:45-11:55 Jon Claerbout PEF estimation with sparse data SEP105-177
Tuesday afternoon, April 24
12:00-1:00 Lunch, Cypress House
1:00-2:00 Steering Committee Meeting, Lagoon House
2:00– General Meeting, Lagoon House
2:00-2:50 James Sethian Level-sets and Geophysics
2:50-3:10 Morgan Brown A least-squares approach for estimating integrated velocity models from multiple data types SEP108-159 .69M
3:10-3:40 « Break »
3:40-4:05 Robert Clapp Multiple realizations: Model variance and data uncertainty SEP108-147 5.20M
4:05-4:20 Bryan Kerr Preliminary results from a small-scale 3-D passive seismic study in Long Beach, California SEP108-141 1.96M
4:20-4:50 Jim Berryman A differential scheme for elastic properties of rocks with dry or saturated cracks SEP108-173 HTML
7:00-10:30 pm Private Dinner Reception, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Wednesday morning, April 25
7:00-8:00 am Breakfast, Cypress House
8:00– General Meeting, Lagoon House
Time Presenter Title SEP-105/8
8:00-8:30 Biondo Biondi Wave-equation imaging 6.37M
8:30-8:55 Marie Prucha Imaging under salt edges: A regularized least-squares inversion scheme SEP108-91 12.7M
8:55-9:35 Paul Sava Amplitude-preserved wave-equation migration SEP108-1
9:35-10:05 James Rickett Model-space vs. data-space normalization for recursive depth migration SEP108-81 3.02M
10:05-10:35 « Break »
10:35-11:00 James Rickett Offset and angle domain common-image gathers for shot-profile migration SEP108-27 1.04M
11:00-11:15 Doug Gratwick The accuracy of wave-equation migration amplitudes SEP108-63 1.90M
11:15-11:35 Daniel Rosales PS-wave polarity reversal in angle domain common-image gathers SEP108-35 .67M
11:35-11:50 Doug Gratwick Amplitude analysis in the angle domain SEP108-45 1.91M
Wednesday afternoon, April 25
12:00-1:00 Lunch, Cypress House
1:00– General Meeting, Lagoon House
1:00-1:30 Biondo Biondi Narrow-azimuth migration: Analysis and tests in vertically layered media SEP108-105 1.93M
1:30-1:40 Daniel Rosales Analysis of the damping factor in phase-shift migration SEP108-119
1:40-1:50 Brad Artman Brad Artman and his search for Truth at the Stanford University Geophysics Department
1:50-2:00 Bill Curry Combining stacking and sonic log velocities .67M
2:00-2:10 Andrey Karpushin Amplitude attributes for reservoir characterization .84M
2:10-2:20 Ioan Vlad Tibet seismic data, NTSC colors and research aims 1.95M
2:20-3:20 General Business Meeting
3:20-4:05 pm Greg Beroza (Professor of Geophysics, Stanford) Getting a clearer view of earthquakes with “large” waveform data sets
Thursday morning, April 26
7:00-8:00 am Breakfast, Cypress House
9:00-12:00 Check Out, Pajaro Dunes Rental/Sales Office
9:00– General Meeting, Lagoon House
Time Presenter Title
9:00-9:45 Dan Kosloff
(Paradigm Geophysical)
Depth velocity ambiguity .3M zip
9:45-10:30 Clement Kostov
Case study examples of multiple attenuation 6.9M zip
10:30-11:15 Sam Gray
(Veritas DGC)
Multicomponent imaging
12:00-1:00 Lunch, Cypress House
1:00 pm « End of Meeting »

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