Summer Mini Seminar Series Signup


* Everyone (except for Jason in July) must participate in at least 2 mini-seminars

Mini-seminar Group Leader Meeting time location Students
(a) Data Pre-processing Stew Tues @ 10:00AM Mitchell A65 Jason, Taylor, Adam, Huy, Humberto
(b) Generic Decon + Decon Imaging condition Jon and Antoine Thur(variable)@ 10:00AM Mitchell 307 Sjoerd (Tentative)
(c) 2-way wave equation optimization Bob Thur @ 11:00AM Mitchell 452 Mandy, Ali, Xukai, Chris, Elita, Huy
(d) Surface Waves Sjoerd and Marine Denolle TBD Mitchell 452 Sjoerd, Jason, Eileen, Taylor, Humberto
(e) Chevron Blind Test Ali Thur @ 1:15 PM Mitchell 452 Adam, Ali, Xukai
(f) L1 norm/Regularization/Preconditioner/Solvers Dave and Bob Thur @ 2pm Mitchell 452 Mandy, Eileen, Chris, Elita, xukai, Huy
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