SEP152 -- Report Countdown -- April/May 2014

Early to mid April:

  1. Inexperienced writers to arrange outside editorial help (see Diane for further instructions).
  2. Outside editor should proof EACH paper at least TWICE before May 2nd.
  3. Update sponsor electronic access file on vostok (/private/.htaccess).
  4. Permission received for all data to be published? (need to verify)
  5. Assign person to back up (/wrk/sep152) every day.

Monday, April 28:

  1. Ali to update Reports page.

Tuesday, April 29:

  1. Prior to 11:59pm: Copy all paper skeletons to /net/server/wrk/sep152/ (no additional papers will be accepted after this).
  2. Ali to begin building table of contents.
  3. Post/update biographies and images in /usr/local/share/TEX/database/.
  4. Biondo & Bob reads abstract and introduction.
  5. Diane checks formatting and reference style.

Wednesday, April 30:

  1. Update “List of SEP articles published or known submitted” (in /net/server/wrk/sep152/Adm/pub.tex).
  2. Update “Reproducible Documents/Publications Page” on website.
  3. Final changes to biographical information.
  4. Prepare final pictures for biography/phonelist page.

Thursday, May 1:

  1. Only ONE unfinished paper allowed per author (note exception in no. 3) additional paper(s) need to be completed at this time.
  2. Diane to get rough estimate on final page count for report.
  3. For those designated as inexperienced writers, ALL papers must have gone thru outside editing twice AND be approved by either Biondo or Bob. If not, paper will be removed from report.
  4. Biondo & Bob to doublecheck on permission to use real data.
  5. Biondo & Bob assigns proofreaders for papers by inexperienced writers.

Friday, May 2:

  1. (All day) First round of proofreading for inexperienced writers.
  2. Ali to update proofreading wikipages: page1 and page2
  3. Diane alerts everyone that general sign-up for proofreading papers is available. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to check SEP Report Guidelines at:
  4. Sign up for papers to proofread. Diane lets people know how many papers to review.
  5. Return proofread papers to inexperienced writers.

Monday, May 5:

  1. Deadline to finish ALL articles, including ALL figures. A paper.pdf file must exist in each directory.
  2. Diane to check that everybody has signed up and all paper.pdf files exist in each directory.
  3. Authors to email their reviewers when papers are ready for review (correct typos, labels, references, etc).
  4. If reviewers have not heard anything from authors, they can start reviewing the papers from report directories at noon.
  5. Generate filler pages.

Tuesday, May 6:

  1. Proofreading time (check sign-up sheet for your papers). Check proofreading instructions.
  2. Deadline to return proofread papers to authors.
  3. Nominations for title page (to be presented at next seminar).
  4. Clean up paper directories. Install correct makefiles.
  5. Make papers reproducible.

Wednesday, May 7:

  1. Respond to proofreaders' suggestions/complaints.
  2. Final corrections on ALL papers.
  3. Vote on title page at next SEP seminar.

Thursday, May 8:

  1. No access to your paper! (final copy being generated)
  2. Ali to generate final copy for printing.

Friday, May 9:

  1. Ali produces final copy for printing.
  2. Diane okays final copy.
  3. After Diane's approval, Ali to create final color copy plus flash drive master.

Monday, May 12

  1. Begin reproducibility testing for all papers.
  2. Flash drive production by 1st years.
  3. Flash drive quality check by 3rd years.
  4. Ali: Update Reports page.

Tuesday, May 13

  1. Sign-up for SEP practice talks.

Wednesday, May 14

  1. Final reproducibility/testing completed for all papers.
  2. Flash drive production by 1st years.
  3. Flash drive quality check by 3rd years.

(Monday, May 19 thru Friday, May 30)

  1. SEP practice talks

Wednesday, May 28:

  1. PENDING] (6:00pm?): Distributable version of presentation slides placed in directory for USB production.

Friday, May 30:

  1. 11:00am: Final instructions for meeting.

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