This list is not exhaustive. Many issues arise when your report is compiled into the book.

  • Use the following SConstruct file
  # SConstruct for building papers
  from rsf.tex import *
  • Include Reproducibility Labels (\ER,\CR,\NR)

example (notice no space between description and label!)

\plot{filename}{width=1.0\columnwidth}{My best seismic image ever.\NR}
  • Use these Header Commands
  \title{Long title of paper}
  \author{B. Riliant}
  \righthead{short title of paper}
  Abstract here.

* If you use algorithm environment, to fix a bug in the algorithm-counter, include (after \maketitle):

  • Do not put PDF text documents(pages>1) in Fig folder.
  • Do not use \footnotemark in the \author command, nor include affiliations.
  • Do not use \email command.
  • Do not use \begin{document} or \end{document}
  • Do not adjust margins or other measures.
  • Do not adjust the aspect ratio of your figures, unless really required.
  • Do not use underscores in figure filenames, e.g., \plot{model_vel} breaks the report.
  • Do not use long figure names, especially not when using in a \multiplot, they would extend into the margins
  • Do not use \newcommand or \renewcommand.

\def works fine; however, \newcommand causes problems when it is repeated for defining the same command (e.g., include the same macro file in two different articles). If you define a new commnd, you must add your initials at the beginning of the command name (e.g., \providecommand BLBmycommad {#1}{\par}). One work-around is \providecommand. The \providecommand is identical to the \newcommand if a command with this name does not exist; if it does already exist, the \providecommand does nothing and the old definition remains in effect.

  • Reference other and previous SEP reports using the bibtext file SEP. This is updated during the report build and reference tags are composed as Zhang.sep.142.yang1. Access /opt/texmf/bibtex/bib/sep/SEP.bib to find a specific tag. Do not edit this file or add reports.
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