SEP 165 reproducibility testing score sheet


For the guidelines/FAQs/instructions, please check out this guideline and this short presentation on common mistakes.

P: Pass
F: Fail
-: Not-applicable
U: unknown, not tested

alejandro1Linearized Waveform Inversion with Velocity Updating: Theory and first results
alejandro2Reverse-time migration using the energy imaging condition in TTI media
biondo1 TFWI - 1D example
fantine1Detecting karst caverns by pattern recognition
fantine2Exploratory data analysis on the SOLA land data set
huylePractical issues in anisotropic full waveform inversion
joseph1Deblending using the radiality attribute
joseph2Overview of a C++ Helmholtz solver library
ohad1Automatic wave mode identification using machine learning
stuart1Systematic Q effect estimaiton using the spectral ratio method
yishen1Application of wave equation migration velocity and Q analysis to the field data from North Sea
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