SEP 160 reproducibility testing score sheet


For the guidelines/FAQs/instructions, please check out this guideline and this short presentation on common mistakes.

P: Pass; F: Fail; -: Not-applicable; U: unknown, not tested.

Paper Titles

alejando1: Alejandro Cabrales-Vargas, Reverse-time migration: Comparing three numerical solvers

ali1: Ali Almomin, Balancing amplitude and phase in TFWI

ali2: Ali Almomin, Ettore Biondi, Yinbin Ma, Kaixi Ruan, Joseph Jennings, Robert Clapp, Musa Maharramov and Alejandro Cabrales, SEPLib nonlinear solver library – Manual

biondo1: Biondo Biondi, FWI Full Hessian

ettore1: Ettore Biondi and Ossian O'Reilly, Two-way wave-equation operators for non-constant density acoustic isotropic media

gcalves1: Gustavo Alves, Overview of the Apache Forties data set

jason1: Jason P. Chang, Processing of continuous data at Apache Forties for seismic interferometry

joseph1: Joseph Jennings and Shuki Ronen, Using Mie scattering theory to debubble seismic airguns

kaixi1: Kaixi Ruan, Joseph Jennings, Ettore Biondi, Bob Clapp, Stewart A. Levin and Jon Claerbout, Industrial scale high-performance adaptive filtering with PEF applications

musa2: Musa Maharramov and Biondo L. Biondi, Time-lapse Inverse Scattering Theory

stew1: Stewart A. Levin and Jason P. Chang, Stable reorientation for the Forties dataset

stew2: Stewart A. Levin, Fortran calling C: Clock drift correction

stew3: Stewart A. Levin and Yinbin Ma, Anatomy of a header sort

yinbin1: Yinbin Ma, Musa Maharramov and Biondo Biondi, Full waveform inversion based on nonlinear conjugate gradient method, Gauss Newton method and full Newton methods

yishen1: Yi Shen, Simultaneous inversion of velocity and Q using wave-equation migration analysis

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