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Testing score sheet SEP 150

code CR Fig Flows ER figs can Makefile CR figs can
Papers: Filename compiles present be rebuilt Clarity be rebuilt note
Paper1 taylor Y - Y Y -
Paper2 elita2 Y - - Y -
Paper3 biondo1
Paper4 jason1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper5 jon1 - - - - -
Paper6 surfwaveminisem Y Y Y Y Y
Paper7 chris - - - - -
Paper8 stew2 - - - - -
Paper9 elita1 Y - - Y -
Paper10 huyle Y Y Y Y Y
Paper11 adam1 Y Y - Y Y
Paper12 ali1 Y Y - Y Y
Paper13 stew1 - - - - -
Paper14 xukai1 Y Y - - -
Paper15 mandy1 Y Y - - -
Paper17 musa1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper18 sjoerd1 Y Y - Y Y

Y: Yes/Passed

N: No/Failed

-: Not applicable. (for example, if one paper has no CR figures)

Paper Titles

Paper1: Taylor Dahlke “Distance Regularized Level Set Salt Body Segmentation”

Paper2: Yunyue (Elita) Li, Mandy Wong, and Robert Clapp “Equivalent accuracy by fractional cost: overcoming temporal dispersion”

Paper3: Biondo Biondi and Ali Almomin, “Simultaneous inversion of full data bandwidth by tomographic full waveform inversion (TFWI)”

Paper4: Jason P. Chang, “Velocity dispersion at Long Beach”

Paper5: Jon Claerbout and Antoine Guitton, “Ricker-compliant deconvolution”

Paper6: Marine Denolle, Sjoerd~de Ridder, Jason Chang, Eileen R. Martin, Humberto Arevalo-Lopez, Sr., Stewart A. Levin, and Taylor Dahlke, “Scholte wave eigensolutions”

Paper7: Chris Leader and Robert Clapp, “Designing an object oriented library for large scale iterative inversion”

Paper8: Stewart A. Levin, “OpenCPS experience in my Summer Seismic Preprocessing Workshop”

Paper9: Yunyue (Elita) Li, Dave Nichols, and Gary Mavko, “Stochastic rock physics modeling for seismic anisotropy”

Paper10: Huy Le, Robert G. Clapp, and Stewart A. Levin, “Equivalent accuracy at a fraction of the cost: overcoming spatial dispersion”

Paper11: Adam Halpert, “Integrated seismic image segmentation and efficient model evaluation: field data example”

Paper12: Ali Almomin and Biondo Biondi, “Hessian analysis of tomographic full waveform inversion operators”

Paper13: Stewart A. Levin, Jon Claerbout, and Eileen R. Martin, “Shortest path to whiteness”

Paper14: Xukai Shen, “Near Surface velocity estimation for realistic 3D synthetic near-surface model”

Paper15: Mandy Wong, “LSRTM in practice with the Deimos ocean bottom field data set”

Paper16 (DELETED): Robert G. Clapp, Dave Nichols, Eileen Martin, Huy Le, Mandy Wong, Chris Leader, Yunyue Li, and Xukai Shen, “SEP's second attempt at inversion in C++”

Paper17: Musa Maharramov and Biondo Biondi, “Simultaneous time-lapse full waveform inversion”

Paper18: Sjoerd~de Ridder, “Scholte-wave azimuthal-anisotropic phase-velocity images in the near surface at Ekofisk from seismic noise correlations”

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