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Testing score sheet SEP 149

code CR Fig Flows ER figs can Makefile CR figs can
Papers: Filename compiles present be rebuilt Clarity be rebuilt note
Paper1 Taylor1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper2 Huy1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper3 Jason1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper4 Musa1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper5 yishen Y Y Y Y Y
Paper6 Ali1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper7 Ali2 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper8 yang1 Y Y Y Y -
Paper9 yang2 - - - - -
Paper10 Ohad1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper11 Chris1 - - - - -
Paper12 Chris2 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper13 elita1 Y - Y Y -
Paper14 elita2 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper15 mandy1 Y Y Y - Y
Paper16 mandy2 Y Y Y - Y
Paper17 adam1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper18 adam2 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper19 sjoerd1 Y Y Y Y -
Paper20 sjoerd2 Y Y Y - -
Paper21 sjoerd3 - - - - -
Paper22 xukai1 Y Y Y - -
Paper23 jon1 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper24 jon2 Y Y Y Y Y
Paper25 biondo1 Y Y Y Y -
Paper26 bob1 Y Y Y Y -
Paper27 bob2 Y - Y Y -
Paper28 stew1 - - - - -

Y: Yes/Passed

N: No/Failed

-: Not applicable. (for example, if one paper has no CR figures)

Paper Titles

Paper1: Taylor Dahlke and Jon Claerbout, “Ricker wavelet deconvolution of Western Australia data in the radial/time domain”

Paper2: Huy Le and Stewart A. Levin, “Practically stable unstable orthorhombic finite differences”

Paper3: Jason P. Chang, Sjoerd de Ridder, and Biondo Biondi, “Noise characterization and ambient noise cross-correlations at Long Beach”

Paper4: Musa Maharramov, “One-way extrapolation of seismic waves in elastic isotropic media with mode conversions”

Paper5: Yi Shen, “Wave-equation migration Q analysis (WEMQA)”

Paper6: Ali Almomin and Biondo Biondi, “Tomographic full waveform inversion (TFWI) by successive linearizations and scale separations”

Paper7: Ali Almomin, “Accurate implementation of two-way wave-equation operators”

Paper8: Yang Zhang, Biondo Biondi, and Robert Clapp, “Accelerating residual moveout based wave-equation migration velocity analysis with compressed-sensing”

Paper9: Yang Zhang and Guojian Shan, “Wave-equation migration velocity analysis using partial stack-power-maximization”

Paper10: Ohad Barak and Shuki Ronen, “Applications for rotational seismic data”

Paper11: Chris Leader and Robert Clapp, “Large scale linearised inversion with multiple GPUs”

Paper12: Chris Leader and Biondo Biondi, “Extended image space separation of continuously recorded seismic data”

Paper13: Yunyue (Elita) Li, Biondo Biondi, Dave Nichols, Gary Mavko, and Robert Clapp, “Stochastic rock physics modeling for seismic anisotropy”

Paper14: Yunyue (Elita) Li, “Image-guided WEMVA for azimuthal anisotropy”

Paper15: Mandy Wong, “Handling salt reflection in least-squares RTM with salt-dimming”

Paper16: Mandy Wong, “Least-squares RTM with wavefield decomposition”

Paper17: Adam Halpert, “Efficient velocity model evaluation: 2D and 3D field data tests”

Paper18: Adam Halpert, “Salt delineation via interpreter-guided 3D seismic image segmentation”

Paper19: Sjoerd A.L. de Ridder, “Multicomponent ambient seismic noise correlations and tomography at Valhall - Part I: Characterization and correlation of microseism noise in the ambient seismic field”

Paper20: Sjoerd A.L. de Ridder, “Multicomponent ambient seismic noise correlations and tomography at Valhall - Part II: Group-velocity tomography comparisons between 2004, 2005 and 2010”

Paper21: Sjoerd A.L. de Ridder, “PhD geneaology of Jon Claerbout: Ancestry and legacy”

Paper22: Xukai Shen, “Anti-noise wave-equation traveltime inversion and application to salt estimation”

Paper23: Jon Claerbout, “Ricker-compliant and pseudo-unitary decon”

Paper24: Jon Claerbout, “t-squared gain for deep marine seismograms”

Paper25: Biondo Biondi and Ali Almomin, “Tomographic full waveform inversion (TFWI) by extending the velocity model along the time-lag axis”

Paper26: Robert G. Clapp, “Angle gather recovery using Iterative Soft Thresholding”

Paper27: Robert G. Clapp, “Synthetic model building using simplified basin modeling approach”

Paper28: Stewart A. Levin, “SEP3D Output—A ProMAX/SeisSpace Utility”

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