SEP 158 reproducibility testing score sheet


For the guidelines/FAQs/instructions, please check out this guideline and this short presentation on common mistakes.

P: Pass; F: Fail; -: Not-applicable; U: unknown, not tested.

Paper Titles

bob1: Robert G. Clapp, Approximate Q to speedup finite differences

jon: Jon Claerbout, Inadequacy of inverse theory for images

alejandro: Alejandro Cabrales-Vargas, Reverse-time migration using the rapid expansion method (REM)

ali1: Ali Almomin, Amplitude normalization in TFWI

chris1: Chris Leader, Inverse demigration for simultaneous source separation

eileen1: Eileen Martin, Applying interferometry to ambient seismic noise recorded by a trenched distributed acoustic sensing array

eileen2: Eileen Martin, Fast dispersion curves from ambient noise

ettore1: Ettore Biondi, Toward PZ summation without Z

gcalves: Gustavo Alves, Adjoint formulation for the elastic wave equation

guillaume: Guillaume Barnier, Addressing the effects of inaccurate top-salt delineation on subsalt seismic imaging

huyle: Huy Le, Using a nonlinear wave equation for anisotropic inversion

jason1: Jason P. Chang, Rayleigh-wave group velocity tomography using traffic noise at Long Beach, CA

musa1: Musa Maharramov, Resolving the effects of production-induced overburden dilation using simultaneous TV-regularized time-lapse FWI

musa2: Musa Maharramov, Pseudo-acoustic modeling for tilted anisotropy with pseudo-source injection

musa4: Musa Maharramov, Double-difference time-lapse FWI with a total-variation regularization

musa5: Musa Maharramov, Total-variation minimization with bound constraints

ohad1: Ohad Barak, Acquiring rotation data on the ocean bottom without rotation sensors

taylor1: Taylor Dahlke, Shape optimization using the FWI objective function for salt body segmentation

yang1: Yang Zhang, Residual-moveout-based wave-equation migration velocity analysis — field data example

yinbin1: Yinbin Ma, Illumination compensation by L1 regularization and steering filters

yinbin2: Yinbin Ma, Time Lapse seismic imaging with L1 regularization and steering filters

yishen1: Yi Shen, Using rock physics to improve Qp quantification in seismic data

yishen2: Yi Shen, Image-based Q tomography using reverse time Q migration

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