SEP 155 reproducibility testing score sheet


For the guidelines/FAQs/instructions, please check out this guideline and this short presentation on common mistakes. 100%,760px, noscroll

P: Pass; F: Fail; -: Not-applicable; U: unknown, not tested.

Paper Titles

Paper1: Jon Claerbout “Irregularly-spaced, non-stationary signals”

Paper2: Mandy Wong and Antoine Guitton “Iterative migration using sparseness constraints with the hyperbolic penalty function: Application on two 2-D field datasets”

Paper3: Stewart A. Levin “Bob is right (per usual)”

Paper4: Ali Almomin “Reformulating TFWI”

Paper5: Ali Almomin, Xukai Shen, Carlo Fortini and Guillaume Barnier “SEG 2014 benchmark data”

Paper6: Ettore Biondi and Stewart A. Levin “Application of the up-down separation using PZ calibration filter based on critically refracted waves”

Paper7: Musa Maharramov and Biondo Biondi “Robust joint full-waveform inversion of time-lapse seismic data sets with total-variation regularization”

Paper8: Musa Maharramov and Biondo Biondi “Improved depth imaging by constrained full-waveform inversion”

Paper9: Musa Maharramov and Mark Zoback “Reservoir monitoring by TV-regularized inversion of surface tilt measurements”

Paper10: Musa Maharramov and Biondo Biondi “Efficient solution of constrained and unconstrained L1 and TV optimization problems in geomechanics and seismic imaging”

Paper11: Musa Maharramov and Biondo Biondi “Efficient pseudo-acoustic modeling with pseudo-source injection in tilted transversely isotropic media”

Paper12: Musa Maharramov and Biondo Biondi “Multi-model (time-lapse) full-waveform inversion”

Paper13: Robert G. Clapp “Synthetic model building using a simplified basin modeling approach”

Paper14: Carlo Fortini “Pseudo-acoustic VTI Migration Velocity Analysis using two-way wavefield propagation”

Paper15: Gustavo Alves “Overview of the Moere Vest data set”

Paper16: Gustavo Alves “Elastic modeling of surface waves”

Paper17: Guillaume Barnier and Ali Almomin “Tutorial on two-way wave equation operators for acoustic, isotropic, and constant density medium”

Paper18: Ohad Barak, Robert Brune, Paul Milligan and Shuki Ronen “Synthesized rotational and pressure-gradient seismic ocean-bottom data”

Paper19: Sjoerd de Ridder and Biondo Biondi “Chaotic Wavefield Gradiometry”

Paper20: Sjoerd de Ridder “Analysis of Moerevest OBN’s as Continuous Data”

Paper21: Taylor Dahlke, Biondo Biondi and Robert Clapp “Advances in simultaneous salt boundary and background tomography updating”

Paper22: Yinbin Ma, Musa Maharramov, Biondo Biondi “Geophysical application of hyperbolic and hybrid L1/L2 optimization”

Paper23: Chris Leader and Biondo Biondi “Image space separation of linearly blended data”

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